Set of 30 Printable Classroom Posters

Printable Classroom Posters

Today, from the internet, you can simply create or buy printable classroom posters in just a few clicks; and have it downloaded or printed is just a matter of seconds. Most of these printable classroom posters are being used for education objectives in the classrooms or in the homeschooling areas, while some could be used for hanging on dorm room, office, or just for decorating any of your walls.

Classroom Art Posters:
A Vital Bridge between the Teachers and the Students

These posters become very common at classroom boards and walls. For elementary, high and middle school teachers, they use these printed materials to put across messages about studying, making friends, having the best attitude towards others around and many inspirational messages that generate encouraging and positive educational atmosphere. Classroom art posters are now teacher’s best tactic to send moral and attitude uplifting messages to their students. Students naturally prefer this material better than talking to them personally or addressing problems in a very formal; sit down discussion.

Creating Your Own Classroom Decoration Posters!
Why to waste your time?


If you want to create a classroom decoration poster even if you don’t know too much about designs, you can go to sites where you can create a poster with their principal formatting tools. It can be as simple as inserting images and typing the message. There are also guidelines and even better to hire a professional freelancer graphic artist to do the poster for you. But most of the times; both of these options are very costly and time-consuming. Now you can just download the files, unzip it, print and frame it. The only task is finding the right poster that suits your needs from the countless options that are offered on the net.

Largest Set of Printable Classroom Posters


I am proud to offer one of the best collections of Online Classroom Posters for all categories. These posters are accessible at Lazini Arts Etsy Store to download in different colorful themes with High quality 300 dpi “JPG” and “PDF for Print” files.


These printable classroom posters are designed to be used on your classroom walls; giving the key classroom rules and many inspirational messages to students. See the description of each poster below.



All these themes; such as New School Year, Back To School Décor, and Classroom Décor are colorful, bright and your students will love them.

Instant Download Posters

No need to wait for shipping anymore, download these files NOW FROM HERE once your payment has cleared. Save money and time on shipping any physical posters.

They are all unique and originally-created designs by me. This fantastic printable set would be the best addition to any playroom or classroom.

Lazini Arts Store:Your Best Huge Source of Classroom Printables


You have also found a huge source of quotes for students and teachers in Lazini Arts Etsy Store. You can print quotes, Harry Potter Quote, Snape Quotes, and Dumbledore Quotes and display them on a whiteboard, chalkboard, or bulletin board in your classroom. Or you may want to view these wonderful quotes in the staff room at your school. Standard of quotes collection is the most popular classroom quotes on the net.

The Excellent Gift For Teacher


You can print these posters and quotes as many times as you would like for your personal use only, have fun using the same digital file for multiple DIY cards, gifts and projects, you can use it to print a card, poster, pillow cover, mouse pad, mugs, cellular case and more.

No doubt, this is the excellent gift for a teacher to hang on the classroom walls.

Description of
the Set of Thirty Classroom Posters


In one click, you can have a set of 30 instant download artworks designed for a teacher’s classroom. The 30 printable artworks are divided into four groups -according to the size of each artwork in the group:

Group 1:

Size of each artwork: 10 x 8″

Number of the artworks: 6 printable artworks:

1- ” The important thing is to create ” – Pablo Picasso.

2- ” Creativity is intelligence having fun ” – Albert Einstein.

3- ” It is nice to be important, but it is important to be nice”.

4- ” Today is a new day”.

5- ” It’s okay to not know. But it’s not okay to not try”. ( Antique chalkboard background )

6- ” Today is a great day to learn something new”. ( Antique chalkboard background )

Group 2:

Size of each artwork: 8 x 10″

Number of the artworks: 9 printable artworks:

1- When you enter this classroom; you are thinkers, you are important, you are leaders, you are loved, you are scientists, you are readers, you are authors, you are friend.

2- ” The rules apply to everyone. They includes YOU!”.

3- ” Mistakes are proof that you are trying”. ( Chalkboard background )

4- ” Before you speak THINK – T is it True? – H is it Helpful? – i is it inspiring? – N is it NECESSARY? – K is it Kind?.

5- ” Throw kindness around like confetti”.

6- ” Be the change you would like to see in the world”. ( Chalkboard background )

7- ” it’s going to be EASY – But it’s going to be WORTH IT!”.( Chalkboard background )


9- ” In This CLASS We Don’t Do EASY … We Make Easy Happen Through HARDWORK & LEARNING!”. ( Chalkboard background )

Group 3:

Size of each artwork: 5 x 7″

Number of the artworks: 3 printable artworks:

1- ” be the REASON someone SMILES today”.


3- ” TREAT others the way you would want to be treated “.

Group 4:

Size of each artwork: 7 x 5″

Number of the artworks: 12 printable artworks:

1- ” happy “.


3- ” bright shine like a diamond “.

4- ” Don’t let anybody dull your sparkle “.

5- ” YOU MATTER “.







12- ” do the RIGHT THING even if nobody is WATCHING “.

Please feel free to share your ideas and concepts here.



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  1. What a great site for finding images and posters for using in a classroom! These posters would be great to use to motivate students to stick at it, and be really productive whilst in school. It is great to find a site to give teachers resources to be able to do that – teachers are who build our future generation after all!

  2. I’m a homeschool mom so this is PERFECT! I love these posters and ideas. I want to download and print them ASAP and get them hung up all over the dining room wall!

    I love that you can instantly download! Not having to wait is great! I also love the motivational ones.

    My boys will LOVE these. Thanks so much for sharing! I love

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